The Poetry of Art

David Constantine, Moniza Alvi, Patience Agbabi, Mimi Khlavati, Michael Schmidt, Sinead Morrisey, Alison Brackenbury, Chris Tutton, Linda France etc.

ISBN: 978 1 874392 26 2

Wordstrokes explores the symbiotic relationship between images and words. It is a colourful, emotive and stirring collection of poems inspired by the art of painting, living and loving and contains beautiful word pictures by some of the UK's finest poets.
"Edited by the keen eyed and astute Deborah Gaye Wordstrokes the Poetry of Art reveals how different creative mediums can energise each other . . . a page-based equivalent of visiting a gallery." Skylightrain
"This anthology can be recommended as a welcome addition to your bookshelf, as a decent gift, or a classroom or course resource." Brian Docherty, London Grip
"I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who loves art and anyone who is interested in the relationship between works of art and words." Literature Works

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