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Of Love and Hope

ISBN: 978 1 874392 68 2




Of Love and Hope, edited by Deborah Gaye, is an extraordinary anthology, celebrating all aspects of life and love and features many of our leading and best loved poets, who have all come together to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Care.

An inspiring and uplifting collection, combining lyrical poems with light hearted pieces, contributors include Seamus Heaney, Sir Paul McCartney, Wendy Cope, Carol Ann Duffy, Roger McGough, Chris Tutton, Leonard Cohen, Spike Milligan, Adrian Mitchell, Sophie Hannah, Sarah Maguire, Anne Stevenson, Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Pablo Neruda, Ian McMillan, John Hegley, Matt Harvey, Debjani Chatterjee, Jackie Kay, Moniza Alvi, Tom Paulin, Don Paterson, Benjamin Zephaniah, Andrew Motion and many, many more, including the entertainers Victoria Wood and Arthur Smith.

There are also moving and poignant poems dealing with the affects of breast cancer by poets including Julia Darling, Owen Sheers, Paul Muldoon, Myra Schneider, Clare Best and others, with a selection of poems by Sir Paul McCartney.

"Editor Deborah Gaye has brought together a carefully selected array of classic and contemporary poems that twist, flip and sigh their way into your emotions."
Judy Darley, Essential Writers



Many people's lives are affected by breast cancer and this is an opportunity to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Care as profits raised from the sale of this book will be donated to these two tremendous and vital charities.





There was a fantastic event to celebrate this anthology featuring Chris Tutton, Matt Harvey and Roselle Angwin at the Ways With Words Literature Festival, Dartington, Devon on Thursday 14 July 2011.



from Of Love and Hope



I painted you
Playful in bower shadow
Where whistling jacks grow
Arboured by dusk.
You beckoned me,
Reclining clover veiled like
An uncertain bride,
From the time when we were
Younger and watched
Lumpsuckers skim the millpond.

Chris Tutton
from 'Rain Angel', Avalanche Books




Driving home from the hospital,
you say, Those clouds have a gold lining.

I look up, and it's true,
but I don't want to think about it.

Instead I see myself going to the shops
and coming home too late;

or waking beside you one morning
and thinking you're asleep,

I want to be with you in this, but I'm not:
if I lose you you lose more.

Tomorrow we'll know everything,
you say, and turn to me with a smile.

Henry Shukman
from 'In Dr No's Garden' Jonathan Cape
Reprinted by permission of the Random House Group





Tangled hair, charcoal-socket eyes,
mouth slack after one more long night
restless on my back. This body's fenscape -
manscaped, hills removed - the meaty joins
still livid, tight shut mouths
where distant territories were stitched

in touch. Blood seeps in deltas over ribs,
yellow and purple track to the waist.
You're even more beautiful now, you say
and I believe, for though I never was, I am
explorer, seeker - I've travelled
and I have an ear for truth.

Clare Best





Although you have given me a stomach upset,
Weak knees, a lurching heart, a fuzzy brain,
A high-pitched laugh, a monumental phone bill,
A feeling of unworthiness, sharp pain
When you are somewhere else, a guilty conscience,
A longing, and a dread of what's in store,
A pulse rate for the Guiness Book of Records -
Life now is better than it was before.

Sophie Hannah
from 'Pessimism for Beginners', Carcanet Press



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Of Love and Hope

(ISBN: 978 1 874392 68 2)